Industrial Air Compressors

Northwest Equipment Ltd. has a wide range of industrial air compressors available in stock or with short deliveries. We can supply you with 2 HP through 330HP in recip, screw, vane or scroll technology. We also have all the accessories to go with your air compressor including air receivers, dryers, filtration, water/oil separators, drains and all the parts to support these key components.

Are you finding your energy bill climbing each year? Why not bring one of our qualified service technicians in to do a full air audit or maybe a lower scale investigation using some of our other devices such as data loggers or sonic guns. Data loggers will determine energy losses through power consumption (compressors turning on when they shouldn’t be) and our sonic guns will determine energy losses through air leaks in your piping systems. Together this can add up to thousands of dollars per year in unnecessary energy cost.

With a variety of HP and technologies available we are sure you will find that Northwest Equipment Ltd. can supply whatever you need to solve your air compression challenges!

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