Northwest Equipment is the largest supplier of compressed air equipment and services in Western Canada. We are innovators in the compressed air arena, working tirelessly with engineers and clients to customize products to meet the unique and varied needs of our customers. We strive to be environmentally responsible, seeking solutions that enhance the energy efficiency of our systems. As the authorized distributor for several leading air product manufacturers, we sell and support a full line of compressed air products to the oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing sectors.

Northwest Equipment is a total compressed air solutions company who specializes in the design, engineering and fabrication of compressed air, nitrogen generation and VRU systems in all industries including but not limited to Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Pulp & Paper, Mining and Oil sands.


Company Core Values


A person who has integrity lives his or her values in relationships with coworkers, customers, and stakeholders. Honesty and trust are central to integrity


Organization is actively engaged in increasing skills and expertise. Focuses on skills needed to operate within its sphere of business, new and sophisticated managerial practices, as well as encouraging stakeholders to engage in an active learning lifestyle for their and the organization’s benefit.
Northwest Equipment Ltd. Core Values


Company recognizes that there is a partnership between all stakeholders in the company’s operating environment. Will conduct itself by being respectful and balancing the differing needs of its four constituent groups.


The organization strives towards objectives, achievements and goals. By placing value on this characteristic, an atmosphere of planning, improvement, evaluation and success is consistently promoted.