Air Treatment

Compressed Air Treatment

Proper air preparation significantly increases the process and production reliability of machines. Particles, water and oils in compressed air reduce the service life and functionality of components and systems. Air filters remove the bulk of all liquid contaminants, solids, oil aerosol and mist from the compressed air stream. They also impair productivity and energy efficiency.

Air Treatment

Why Compressed Air Treatment is Necessary

One cubic foot of compressed air can contain millions of dirt particles, considerable amounts of water and oil — and even heavy metals like lead, cadmium and mercury. If they are not filtered out, trouble-free operation of the system components, like valves and cylinders, cannot be guaranteed in the long term. Poorly prepared compressed air can contaminate control valves, and cause seals to swell and wear prematurely. As a result, the right compressed air preparation is essential for reducing machine downtime, and for reducing maintenance and energy costs.

GD PAK (Oil / Water Separator)

  • GUARANTEED <10 PPM for LIFE of the unit.
  • EPA method tested: EPA1664, EPA8270, EPA624 & EPA625.
  • Zero maintenance costs.
  • Works on ALL lubricants including polyglycols & silicones.
  • No elements / no mess / no added cost.
  • Performance guarantee.
GD Pak Oil Separator